December 13, 2019  |  15 Kislev 5780



How beautiful it is to attend Shabbat services at Temple Beth Sholom. During a typical Shabbat service at Temple Beth Sholom you can witness any of several of our Jewish life cycle events. You can witness the naming of a baby girl and her welcoming into the Jewish community; you can witness a bar or bat mitzvah, where our Jewish adolescents are transformed, right before our eyes, into Jewish adults; or you can witness an aufruf, where two of our Jewish adults prepare for life as a married couple.


Just as there is a Jewish way of life, there is also a Jewish way of death. Two basic considerations come into play when death strikes and the laws of death and mourning become applicable. One consideration involves the principle of kevod hamet, treatment of the deceased with reverence and respect. The other involves the principle of kevod hechai, concern for the welfare of the living. In respect for members of our congregation who have suffered a loss, Temple Beth Sholom allows the family to hold funeral services at the Temple. While the Temple hopes to accommodate all members that wish to hold a service at the Temple, we have had to establish several policies and guidelines in order to insure that ongoing Temple operations are not affected. These policies and guidelines are available in the Temple office.


In addition, Temple Beth Sholom, as a service to its members, makes available plots at New Montefiore Cemetery, in an area reserved for Temple Beth Sholom. These plots are available at a very reasonable price. We recently surveyed Beth Moses Cemetery, Wellwood Cemetery and New Montefiore Cemetery. All of these cemeteries are located in Pinelawn, NY, less than a 30 minute drive from the Temple. We determined that the Temple is providing a significant discount, to its members, on the prices for plots in the Temple area. This discount is approximately 50% to 33% lower than the prices that the cemeteries currently sell plots for.


The Temple can provide members with either single or double plots, or family plots of four or more graves. The family plots have a single family monument that has the family name, and individual footstones for each interment. Each single plot can have an individual headstone, and each double plot can have either two single headstones or a double headstone, at the family’s option. If you have any interest in purchasing plots in the Temple Beth Sholom area of New Montefiore Cemetery, please contact the Temple office.


One final word, Temple Beth Sholom in conjunction with New Montefiore Cemetery, now allows grave plantings. When an interment is made on our cemetery grounds and the family wishes to arrange for a planting, they will be allowed to plant Mature Yews (consisting of 3 shrubs 18"- 24" wide) purchased from the cemetery. Families that wish to have grave plantings will be required to purchase “Perpetual Care” from the cemetery. These shrubs do wonders in improving the look of the gravesite.


Grave planting will also be allowed at the Temple Beth Sholom area of Beth Moses Cemetery. All families that have already had an interment at either cemetery and desire grave plantings should contact the cemetery to make the appropriate arrangements.


For more information, please contact Irving Chernofsky at 516-626-9025 or or Temple Executive Director - Donna Bartolomeo at