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Rabbi Ario S. and Tess Hyams Judaica Museum  

The Rabbi Ario S. and Tess Hyams Judaica Museum is maintained by our Museum Coordinator, Bat-Sheva Slavin. The museum collection began in 1968 when a committee was appointed to establish the museum, and in the early 1990's the Rabbi Ario S. and Tess Hyams Judaica Museum was rededicated and the Irving Rutenberg Gallery dedicated. We are pleased to hold some very significant items in the TBS Judaica Museum collection.


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Rabbi Ario S. and Tess Hyams Judaica Museum and the Jewish Art Salon are presenting the following exhibitions in honor of the Museum’s 50th Anniversary:


Temple Beth Sholom
401 Roslyn Road, Roslyn Heights NY, 11577
Exhibition Dates:December 13, 2019 – February 28, 2020
Opening Friday, December 13, 7:30 9:30 PM
Viewing hours: Weekdays: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Sundays 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Rand Mcbee Silverstein Museum


For the past 40 years three artists, Archie Rand, Richard McBee and Joel Silverstein have created paintings of “Modern Jewish Narratives”.
Their fundamentally different approaches demonstrate the exciting possibilities of postmodern engagement with the breath of Jewish narrative, as well as a defiant liberation from the strictures of the contemporary art world and the freedom to express religious ideas creatively.

In this groundbreaking exhibition, Archie Rand presents a searing exploration of two series: 24 images of The Book of Ezekiel (2019) and 16 images from The Book of Esther (2019); deconstructing the ancient biblical text into deeply personal and cutting-edge commentaries.

Richard McBee’s paintings of Ezekiel, spanning 39 years, ponder the role of the Holocaust, acceptance of Torah and mystical experience in Ezekiel’s visions. Additionally the narratives of Vashti, Esther, Mordechai, Haman and the King are explored as well as a somber mediation on the Binding of Isaac.

Joel Silverstein’s radically eclectic works reassess Tanach, Exodus and Ezekiel through his personal lens of 20th and 21st Century movie, pop and comic book references, including a 10-foot painting; “Ten Commandments and a Question”(2017), previously exhibited at the Jerusalem Biennale.


Archie Rand is an artist from Brooklyn, New York. His first exhibition was in 1966, at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery in New York. He is currently Presidential Professor of Art at Brooklyn College and was the chair of the Department of Visual Arts at Columbia University. He was made a Laureate of the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, which awarded him the Achievement Medal for Contributions in the Visual Arts. He is a Fellow at the Jewish Art Salon.

Richard McBee is a painter of Biblical subject matter and writer on Jewish Art. From 2000 until 2014 he wrote about the Jewish Arts for the Jewish Press and continues to exhibit paintings, lecture and curate Jewish art exhibitions. He is a founding member of the Jewish Art Salon. His essay “Contemporary Jewish Art: The Challenge” was published in the 2014 Journal of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah.

Joel Silverstein is an artist, critic and teacher. He has exhibited work at the Amstelkirk Gallery, the Van Leer Institute, The Mishkan Le'Omanut Museum, Pratt Hadas Gallery, Rohr Center, Columbia University, the Derfner Museum of Judaica, NY. He has written over 60 published articles and catalogue essays. He is is a founding Member of the Jewish Art Salon and has curated nine Salon exhibitions, including The Dura Europos Project, JOMIX and Jewish Comics: Art & Derivation.

Joel Silverstein, Artist
Cell: 973- 534 6554


Temple Beth Sholom 
401 Roslyn Road, Roslyn Heights NY, 11577
Exhibition Dates: September 22, 2019 – December 8, 2019
Viewing hours: Weekdays: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Sundays 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


CRC Good 4MG copy 640x640    siona1   SionaPortraitFH74large 230x300


As a Bene Israel Jew from India now living in the United States, I am a transcultural artist. My perspective bridges the traditional and the modern, and sparks discourse across cultures.

My family gradually dispersed, mostly to Israel and America, but my parents remained in India. I still recall the ornate synagogues of my Bombay childhood: the oil lamps, the velvet-and-silver-covered Torahs, a chair left vacant for the prophet Elijah. Having grown up in a predominantly Hindu and Muslim society, educated in Catholic and Zoroastrian schools, raised Jewish in India, and now calling America home, I have always had to reflect on cultural boundary zones. So, in my paintings I combine the imagery of my past with the role I play in America today, making a mosaic inspired by illuminated manuscripts and multicultural mythology.

Many blue-skinned characters populate my paintings. This self-portrait of sorts takes on many roles and forms through which I theatrically explore ancient and contemporary dilemmas. These characters enact their stories – often myths from various cultures and religions — becoming symbols of a timeless global identity free of prejudices and boundaries.

Siona Benjamin has an MFA in painting from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Ill., and an MFA in theater set design from the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign. She has exhibited in the United States, Europe and Asia.

She was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in 2011 to India, and a second Fulbright fellowship in 2016-17 to Israel. Siona’s work has been in The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Financial Times, The Jewish Week in New York City and New Jersey, The Boston Globe, Art in America, Art New England, Art and Antiques, ArtNews, Moment magazine, The Times of India, The Mumbai Mirror, Marg Magazine, The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel and other publications.


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Archie Rand - Three Major Works

(opened Sunday, Sep 25, 2011)


Archie Rand is renown as the world's most prominent painter of Jewish themes. Since the earliest days of his extraordinary career, Jewish subject matters have been interwined at the forfront of his studio production. Painter, muralist, graphic artist, and designer, Archie Rand began exhibiting at major venues while still in his teens and his paintings have been featured in hundreds of international galleries and museum shows.

The Rabbi Ario S. and Tess Hyams Judaica Museum is delighted to host this exhibition "Archie Rand - Three Major Works", in which three of his most important, and revolutionary series of works will be exhibited at the same time at the same place. The exhibit will include: The 54 Chapter Paintings, which dedicated one painting to each of the 54 sections of the Hebrew Bible.



Rands' cartoon-style Sixty Paintings From The Bible marks the first significant merger of his cartoon style, which he had previously used in "non-Jewish" works, with biblical subjects. Rand wants to show that the bible is really a book filled with interesting human stories that can recall episodes in our daily life as well as a book filled with moral values.

Psalm 68 consist of 36 paintings, each encompassing a block of English text encased in an abstract representation. Deliberately choosing a difficult text, thirty-six verses long and complex. Rand continually challenges the viewer with his interpretation of Jewish content steamed from his deep convictions.


Biblical History Wall Hanging

(Opened April 15, 2011)


The exhibit shows Judith Weinshall Leiberman with TBS Collection of Middle East Judaica. Artist's Statement: "Even after four decades of creative activity, the excitement I feel daily at the challenge of creating art remains undimmed. Over these many years, some aspects of my art have changed; notable among these changes is the specific medium I have selected as best suited to express my vision at a particular time. Yet my art, through all its variety, remains constant in some important respects. I have always worked in series, preferring to explore any given subject matter in depth. Since my main interest is the state of mankind, I have explored that subject both directly and indirectly throughout my long involvement with art. ... I have used art as a unique tool for the expression of my ideas and feelings about the human condition. I have been gratified over the past few years to find institutional homes for most of my major series of artworks.You may see more of her work on her web site


Where the Past Meets the Future by Fay Grajower.
(opened Friday, Aug 27, 2010)

This exhibition is an installation inspired by old photographs and stories of life in Poland Pre World War II marking a revived world immersed in its past while looking toward its future. In her current works Fay deliberately forms grids superimposed over multiple layers of papers or works on canvas or glass. 

The installation comprises over 100 mixed media wooden "boxes", each standing alone as an individual painting of a story, place, object or stone of memory, and together forming a mosaic wall, showing a revived world steeped in its past and looking towards its future.
The author describes her work: "The whole is made up of little parts. The small pieces make up the whole. We face a new history and a new memory. Our memory today is the inherited memory and collective memory of the future. We have great challenges before us."

About the Artist:

Fay Grajower studied at The School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and holds a MA in Studio art from New York University. Her works have been featured in galleries and museums in cities throughout the U.S. and abroad including Boston, Washington, DC, New York, Morelia, Guadalajara, Mexico City and in Berlin, Bielefeld, Erfurt, Gera and Potsdam in Germany. She was an artist-in-residence in Florida, Israel and Germany and has several commissioned works including a painted sculpted glass installation in Wilmington, Delaware; a Holocaust Memorial Sculpture Installation at the B’nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton and an installation for The International Women’s Research Center at Brandeis University. She recently completed and installed a Holocause Memorial for the new Young Israel of New Rochelle in New York and had the

inaugural exhibit at the new El Paso Holocaust Museum in Texas. Her works are in private and corporate collections. In addition, the artist has served as exhibition curator, appeared on cable television and presented at conferences, including the International Association of Genocide Scholars. You may see more of her work on her web site