December 14, 2019  |  16 Kislev 5780

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Overview


The Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience strives to achieve a level of enjoyment, involvement and satisfaction for the entire family. While the focus is on the Bar/Bat mitzvah child's experience, parents and siblings are encouraged to chant Torah, attend Shabbat services, and perform tasks as part of our Mitzvah projects.

The program is overseen by Cantor Ofer Barnoy and the tutoring is administered by Cantor Barnoy and Mrs. Zahava Rosenfeld. Our clergy are also available for training parents and siblings to chant a portion of Torah during the service.

The purpose of the program is to not only prepare the children for their service but also to impart the appropriate skills to read Torah and Haftarah in subsequent years and to lead parts of the service. This education begins in 6th grade with a special series that teaches an overview of the cantillation system, the "Tropes", which culminates in the child's turn to chant a portion of Torah at the Mishpacha Minyan, the Shabbat morning family learning service. Their education is then continued and enhanced by the private tutoring that begins within a year of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah guidebook outlines the timeline of events leading up to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date. It is digitally available here.  To get more information, please contact Donna Bartolomeo or Cantor Ofer Barnoy. If you are interested in finding out more information concerning the process or setting up a date, please contact our Executive Director

•    If you are visiting Temple Beth Sholom or would like to learn more about out services, please take a look at our Guide to Shabbat Morning Services

•    Feel free to review the blessings before and after the Torah portion, complete with Hebrew, English transliteration and audio.

 Haftarah Trope, complete with line-by-line audio.

 Torah Trope, complete with line-by-line audio.