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About Religious School

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Temple Beth Sholom Religious School is proud to be one of the largest religious schools on Long Island. With over 300 students from grades Gan (Kindergarten) through Zayn (7th grade) we have dedicated, professional Jewish educators. Among our faculty we have specialized professionals, i.e. Hebrew Music teacher, Jewish Artist and Israeli Dance teacher.


Students attend Gan (Kindergarten) and Aleph (1st grade) once a week, on Sunday. Our program offers the children experiential learning which Introduces them to Jewish Holidays, Bible Stories, Hebrew Aleph Bet, Hebrew Immersion, Prayers, Music and Jewish Cooking. The students learn about Mitzvot and take part in our "Mitzvah of the Month" projects.

Students in Bet (2nd grade) through Vav (6th grade) attend two times a week.

Our students are required to attend Religious School by Gimmel (3rd grade) in order to qualify for Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Our Religious School curriculum includes Bible/Parashat Hashvua, Prayer, Hebrew Language, Jewish History, Current Events, Hebrew Music, Jewish Art, Israeli Dancing and Mitzvot/Ethics, Library/Jewish Literature Program. Our Hebrew program includes an "extra help" and "one-on-one program" for students who need extra help in language as well as development. We also provide Hebrew enrichment classes as well, for students who are highly motivated and academically gifted.

sukkah3Grades Gan through Hay are designed to have a grade-level Shabbat program at which time the class leads a service either on a Friday night or Shabbat morning when we celebrate Shabbat as a community. Our Gan, Aleph, and Bet students receive Shabbat books and Gimmel classes receive their first Siddur. Daled and Hay are given age-appropriate books about Israel as well.


During their Bar/Bat Mitzvah year our Zayn (7th grade) students are enrolled in our Gesher Program that is part of our community high school - Machon Beth Sholom. This program focuses on current Jewish topics, Jewish current events, Modern Israel, Mitzvot and challenges that face Jewish teens today.

Children in grades 3-7 with special learning needs have the opportunity to enroll in our Tikvah program that meets twice a week. On Sundays they meet In a classroom setting where they are taught Holidays, Bible, music, Jewish art, and Mitzvot. During the week each child meets with a special education teacher for 30 minutes for one-on-one instruction to learn Hebrew and prayers on an individual basis. TBS Religious School is proud of our outstanding Jewish art program that focuses on all grade levels.

TBS is proud of our family/child-friendly services. Our school requires students to attend Minyanim (Junior Congregation) for students in grades 3-7. We have Mini Minyan services for all children through 7 years of age; Minyan Yeladeynu, and Mishpacha Minyan are geared for 2nd/3rd graders through 7th graders.

Parents take an active role in their child's religious education and Jewish experience. They serve on the Board of Education, the Parent/Teacher Association and on many school and synagogue committees.

Our Religious School provides an enriching experiential Jewish experience for its children. Our clergy are involved in all aspects of our educational needs and our lay leadership supports the highest goals and standards of Jewish instruction and educators. Our teachers are of the highest caliber and are very caring and nurturing.






Philosophy and Curriculum


At Temple Beth Sholom Religious School we strive for a curriculum that will challenge
the children and provide them with a sense of pride in Judaism. Our students are taught to question their learning and become critical thinkers and active participants. Our curriculum is an integration of Torah, Jewish History, Holidays, Laws and Customs, Hebrew and 
Israel. Our philosophy is to combine learning and action. We believe that to teach Mitzvot meaningfully, the children should practice what they’ve learned.  We don’t “talk” about doing chesed (charity); we create many opportunities in the class and at home to participate in charity projects.


The Religious School program offers children experiential learning that introduces the Jewish Holidays, Bible Stories, Hebrew, Prayer. The children learn about Mitzvot and participate in Tikkun Olam projects.


Religious School Curriculum includes:

Bible/ Parashat Hashavuah (portion of the week)

• Hebrew Language
• Jewish History

• Current Events
• Mitzvot

Ethics and Values
• Holidays/
Laws and Customs




Classes and Times




  Sunday 9 AM-12 NOON


(1st Grade)

  Sunday 9 AM - 12 NOON


(2nd Grade)

  Sunday 9 AM - 12 NOON and Tuesday 4- 6 PM


(3rd Grade)



Sunday 9 AM - 12 NOON and Tuesday 4-6PM

Plus 2 Shabbatot per month (Family Study and Mishpacha Service)




(4th Grade)



Sunday 9 AM-12PM and Tuesday 4-6PM

Plus 2 Shabbatot per month (Family Study and Mishpacha Service)




(5th Grade)



Sunday 9AM-12PM and Tuesday 4-6PM

Plus 2 Shabbatot per month (Family Study and Mishpacha Service)




(6th Grade)



Sunday 9AM-12PM and Thursday 3:45-6PM

Plus 6 Sunday programs during the year which includes B'nai Mitzvah programs, Tikkun Olam projects and 1 Shabbat per month of Family Study and Mishpacha Service




(7th Grade

  Sunday 10 AM- 12 NOON and Monday 6:30-8:30PM


Sunday 9-11Am and Thursday 4 - 6 PM

Plus Shabbat requirement





Tikvah:  Special Needs Program

Religious School Tikvah  
Tikvah Program (Special Ed. Class)
Ages 9 - 12
Meet for 2 1/2 hours once a week - one on one

The ultimate objective of the Tikvah program is to provide a Jewish background and Jewish identity which is meaningful to the individual and that will last a lifetime. The midweek session is to provide the individual with the ability to read Hebrew, thus being prepared for his/her Bar/Bat Mitzvah. The program is tailored to each child's needs.